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Jack Debrabander

Fitness Enthusiast Jack Debrabander Offers Exercises to Keep Back Pain at Bay

Fitness enthusiast and athlete Jack Debrabander offers his top exercises to keep back pain at bay.

Exercise can help humans lose weight and live healthier lifestyles. However, the benefits of physical exercise don’t stop there. Fitness enthusiasts and athletes like Jack Debrabander explain that exercise can actually help relieve some of the pain that affects the daily lives of many Americans.

Jack Debrabander
Jack Debrabander

Recently, Jack Debrabander offered his top exercising for relieving back pain. These exercises can be helpful whether you work long hours of physical labor or sit at a desk all day.

“Many people assume treating their painful back issues means spending a day in bed or lying on the couch,” Jack Debrabander said. “But that’s actually the opposite of what you should be doing.”

Jack Debrabander explains that working out creates stronger back muscles to provide the support your back needs. Superior flexibility helps with a wider range of movement, and stronger abdominal muscles aid in improving posture. Additionally, exercise promotes stronger bones, which are more difficult to injure and fracture.

Fitness enthusiast Jack Debrabander first suggested practicing particular stretches to relieve back pain. He explained that a knee-to-chest stretch and a hamstring stretch performed on the ground, in the same position as the knee-to-chest stretch, can help keep core muscles limber and strong.

“Workouts in the water can also be especially helpful for those experiencing back pain,” Jack Debrabander said. “Water exercises tend to be low-impact, so they help increase strength and stamina without putting more pressure on the areas that hurt.”

Jack Debrabander explained that water provides the resistance and support needed for the exercise to be effective yet safe for the back. Similarly, Jack Debrabander explained that walking can be a good low-impact exercise for those just starting to work out.

“Yoga is an activity that can be performed by people of all ages and skill levels,” Jack Debrabander said. “It’s also one of the best ways to relieve back pain.”

Jack Debrabander described that yoga combines the strength and flexibility needed to alleviate back pain. He explained that it’s important to inform your yoga teacher of any pain you experience, so they can offer yoga postures to combat those issues. Jack Debrabander also suggested training with a large, air-filled ball, which can help provide low-impact stretches and workouts when used properly.

“It’s important to consult with an expert before you start using exercise to relieve your back pain,” Debrabander said. “Exercise is undoubtedly one of the best ways to alleviate this pain, but the exercises must be done correctly, or they can have the opposite effect.”

Finally, Jack Debrabander suggests speaking with a qualified professional at your local gym, pool, or yoga studio to get started performing the correct exercises to combat your back pain. He explains that once you’ve been properly trained, you can practice many of these exercises in the comfort of your home.

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