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Fitness Enthusiast Jack Debrabander Offers Exercises to Keep Back Pain at Bay

Fitness enthusiast and athlete Jack Debrabander offers his top exercises to keep back pain at bay.

Exercise can help humans lose weight and live healthier lifestyles. However, the benefits of physical exercise don’t stop there. Fitness enthusiasts and athletes like Jack Debrabander explain that exercise can actually help relieve some of the pain that affects the daily lives of many Americans.

Jack Debrabander
Jack Debrabander

Recently, Jack Debrabander offered his top exercising for relieving back pain. These exercises can be helpful whether you work long hours of physical labor or sit at a desk all day.

“Many people assume treating their painful back issues means spending a day in bed or lying on the couch,” Jack Debrabander said. “But that’s actually the opposite of what you should be doing.”

Jack Debrabander explains that working out creates stronger back muscles to provide the support your back needs. Superior flexibility helps with a wider range of movement, and stronger abdominal muscles aid in improving posture. Additionally, exercise promotes stronger bones, which are more difficult to injure and fracture.

Fitness enthusiast Jack Debrabander first suggested practicing particular stretches to relieve back pain. He explained that a knee-to-chest stretch and a hamstring stretch performed on the ground, in the same position as the knee-to-chest stretch, can help keep core muscles limber and strong.

“Workouts in the water can also be especially helpful for those experiencing back pain,” Jack Debrabander said. “Water exercises tend to be low-impact, so they help increase strength and stamina without putting more pressure on the areas that hurt.”

Jack Debrabander explained that water provides the resistance and support needed for the exercise to be effective yet safe for the back. Similarly, Jack Debrabander explained that walking can be a good low-impact exercise for those just starting to work out.

“Yoga is an activity that can be performed by people of all ages and skill levels,” Jack Debrabander said. “It’s also one of the best ways to relieve back pain.”

Jack Debrabander described that yoga combines the strength and flexibility needed to alleviate back pain. He explained that it’s important to inform your yoga teacher of any pain you experience, so they can offer yoga postures to combat those issues. Jack Debrabander also suggested training with a large, air-filled ball, which can help provide low-impact stretches and workouts when used properly.

“It’s important to consult with an expert before you start using exercise to relieve your back pain,” Debrabander said. “Exercise is undoubtedly one of the best ways to alleviate this pain, but the exercises must be done correctly, or they can have the opposite effect.”

Finally, Jack Debrabander suggests speaking with a qualified professional at your local gym, pool, or yoga studio to get started performing the correct exercises to combat your back pain. He explains that once you’ve been properly trained, you can practice many of these exercises in the comfort of your home.

Jack Debrabander

Michigan State Student and Athlete Jack Debrabander Describes the Importance of Playing Intramural Sports in College

Michigan State student and athlete Jack Debrabander describes the benefits of playing intramural sports in college.

Intramural sports have been a part of Michigan State University college life for decades. Intramural sports allow students who aren’t eligible for scholarships to play organized sports on campus. Usually, these teams are open to anyone who wants to take part. Michigan State University student and athlete Jack Debrabander recently discussed the major benefits of taking part in intramural sports programs.

Jack Debrabander
Jack Debrabander

“Being a student athlete is known to be stressful, but being able to play organized sports without all of the stress is something intramural programs offer,” Jack Debrabander says.

In fact, Jack Debrabander explains that playing intramural sports can actually relieve stress rather than cause it. College students need time to unwind from stressful exams, projects, papers, and more. Intramural sports run on a set schedule, which means students who take part have a bit of fun marked on their calendars. The friendly competition offers a welcome change of pace from the writing, reading, studying, and class time.

“High school sports and gym classes keep everyone exercising regularly, but when they get to college, they tend to stop exercising so much,” Jack Debrabander says. “Intramural sports offer regular, healthy exercise that’s not dreaded, like going for a run or to the gym may be.”

Jack Debrabander also describes that playing intramural sports is one of the best ways to meet like-minded people. These activities give students opportunities to meet people they probably wouldn’t meet in their classes or dorms. Anyone can join an intramural team, which means athletes enjoy a broader, and often more diverse, social circle.

“One of the best parts of engaging in intramural sports is it’s 100-percent just for fun,” Jack Debrabander says. “Even in high school, sports come with stress associated with playing for a college team, winning the state championship, and more. Intramural sports are entirely just for fun. Nobody thinks you’re going to make a career out of playing flag football, and that’s why it’s so carefree and enjoyable.”

Intramural athletes like Jack Debrabander report lower stress levels, feeling physically healthier, and lasting friendships. Best of all, Jack Debrabander describes that a full season of intramural sports typically costs less than $20. That means its an extremely affordable way to have fun and let loose.

“For less than $20, you can make a lot more friends and have drastically more fun than you would in many other college settings, such as a bar or party,” Jack Debrabander says. “Joining a team is one of the best ways I’ve found to unwind in a positive way.”

Jack Debrabander

Fitness Enthusiast Jack Debrabander Offers His Exclusive Tips on How to Stay Motivated for Daily Workouts

Fitness enthusiast Jack Debrabander offers his top tips on staying motivated for daily workouts.

Staying motivated for daily workouts isn’t always easy, especially when you’re tired, busy, or the weather makes it difficult to get outdoors. There are a million ways to come up with excuses to skip workouts. Fitness enthusiasts like Jack Debrabander understand how difficult it can be to stay motivated, and he’s offering his exclusive tips to help people of all ages reach their fitness goals.

Jack Debrabander
Jack Debrabander

“Working out is beneficial for the body and mind, but staying motivated to workout when feeling tired, worn out, or overwhelmed can seem impossible,” Jack Debrabander says. “The key is to keep workouts interesting by varying them often, keeping track of improvements, and working out with friends when possible.”

Fitness experts like Jack Debrabander explain that performing the same type of exercise day in and day out can be boring, and that boredom can lead to not performing the exercise at all. He explains that enrolling in varying types of workout classes can be one way to ensure you’re not growing tired of a boring routine. Similarly, Jack Debrabander suggests performing multiple different physical activities per week, such as taking a brisk walk one day, a bicycle ride the next day, and swimming another day.

“Another key to staying motivated is being held accountable by friends, whether in person or online,” Jack Debrabander says. “Simply knowing that you need to report your daily workout to your workout community can keep you motivated to keep going. Even logging your workouts on social media can be a way of holding yourself accountable. Do whatever works for you and don’t worry about what people think.”

Jack Debrabander also explains that making friends with the people in your workout class can make you more excited to attend on a regular basis. Even online workout routines allow you to communicate with fellow athletes, which results in the necessary support and encouragement.

“I always encourage people to reward themselves for reaching workout goals,” Jack Debrabander says. “Knowing that you’ll reward yourself with a special gift for reaching a certain goal can keep you on track, whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, or making it to the gym five days a week.”

Jack Debrabander explains that working out on a regular basis isn’t always easy. There are days motivation feels impossible to find. However, he explains that having a concrete goal in mind, keeping workouts fun, and having a solid support team of friends and family for accountability can make finding motivation easier.

“Working out isn’t something that needs to be dreaded, so get your friends involved, vary your workout routines, and have some fun,” Jack Debrabanderconcludes.

Unique Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle in Winter with Jack Estes DeBrabander

Winter is a time of hibernation for many animals, and humans are no different. We tend to spend more time indoors and inactive during the coldest times of the year. With swimsuit season far in the distance, snow on the ground, and ice covering many roads, it can be difficult to find the motivation to exercise.

However, you don’t have to purchase a home gym or even a costly gym membership to stay healthy during the winter months. I’m Jack Estes DeBrabander, and the following are a few unique ways I stay healthy during this time of year, and you can too.

Get Seasonal with Jack Estes DeBrabander

It may not be everyone’s favorite time of year, but winter offers some delicious seasonal fruits and veggies that can make your meals more flavorful and filling without adding a ton of calories. Cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli are excellent winter vegetables that can easily be made into a hearty and delicious soup. My famous Jack Estes DeBrabander cauliflower soup is famous at all of my family gatherings. It’s comfort food without the carbs.

“Drink More Tea,” says Jack Estes DeBrabander

Winter is the perfect time for tea, and it can be just the motivation you need to go for a walk outside. With a delicious hot tea in hand, walking in the cold doesn’t seem so impossible. Even better, tea offers a number of health benefits, including antioxidant effects and possibly lowering your risk of developing heart disease.

Use More Spices like Jack Estes DeBrabander

One of the best parts of my Jack Estes DeBrabander cauliflower soup is the spices I use to add flavor without adding calories. Garlic, cilantro, ginger — they all make meals more flavorful while also making it more healthy. Some spices, like turmeric, can combat inflammation while working as an antioxidant too. Using more spices in your winter meals can help you maintain or lose weight without sacrificing the hearty, wintry flavors you love.

Jack Estes DeBrabander says, “Eat More Mushrooms”

Staying healthy in the winter months means more than just staying fit. It means fighting off those unwanted winter illnesses too. Fortunately, several species of mushrooms, including shitake and white button mushrooms, can give your immune system the boost it needs to keep you in top health during the winter months. If you’re like me, you hate being sick and will do whatever it takes to avoid the flu and other illnesses this time of year.

“Get More Sleep,” says Jack Estes DeBrabander

Sleeping more may seem like the opposite way to fight the desire to hibernate during the winter months. However, more sleep is often what we need to have more energy throughout the day. Getting a good night’s sleep and having a regular sleep schedule means you have more energy the next day. More energy means you’ll have more motivation to get outside for a walk or enjoy your favorite winter activities.

Lose the Stress with Jack Estes DeBrabander

The overwhelming feeling of stress can be much of what makes us feel unmotivated, and ultimately, more tired this time of year. Decompress with equipment-free at-home workouts (there are tons on YouTube), yoga, meditation, the arts, a good book, or whatever helps you relax. Taking this time for yourself will allow you to rest more easily and awaken with more energy. An abundance of stress can also cause a number of other health issues, so eliminate it before it takes a toll.

Winter may not be the season that motivates you to run a marathon outdoors, but it’s an ideal time to focus on the healthy eating and living tips above.